Pretty Feet Exfoliant is unique. It uses Molecular Friction Technology that negates the requirement for harsh abrasives like pumice or ground nut shell and gently exfoliates for incredibly soft, silky smooth feet. Pretty Feet Exfoliant will also soften corns and callouses and after a few applications will soften and help repair hard, cracked heels.

We make a cream that encapsulates the exfoliating waxes in a microscopic honeycomb. When the cream is massaged onto your feet, it breaks down the "honeycomb" releasing the exfoliating waxes. Continued massaging until dry allows the waxes to collect the dead skin cells and remove them from your feet.

There is no need to wash your feet after using Pretty Feet Exfoliant, just brush off any residue and preferably use a moisturizing cream, such as Pretty Feet Moisturiser or Pretty Feet 2 in 1 Moisturiser with Deodouriser.

Pretty Feet Moisturiser uses the very latest technology in formulating, using cationic emulsifiers that allow large percentages of oils and hydrating compounds within the cream, but without being greasy. This prolongs the effect of moisturisation, resulting in silky smooth and richly hydrated feet.

Pretty Feet Moisturiser has an after feel that is beautifully silky that lasts and lasts. Used sparingly, Pretty Feet Moisturiser will revitalise tired feet.

Used in conjunction with Pretty Feet Exfoliant the result is outstanding.
Pretty Feet Exfoliant will
help soften corns and
callouses after just a few
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